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Welcome to Remnants of Norrath.

If you want to join the guild, a few basic rules.

1. Your character you are applying with must be created and you must have your name and class for application
2. You can not be any higher than 60 to join, make sure you de level to 60 before you apply.
3. If you have any Bots you want with you, you must put their info in the same application as your main.
4. If you are on any out of guild characters, you must /join RoNGuild in case we have an emergency raid pop up (I use /autojoin RoNGuild) If you don't want the members to know your out of guild characters, at least let a leader know your character's name so we may be able to contact you.
5. These rules are in addition to the rules found in the general forum under Rules, both sets of rules are required reading to answer yes to the application.
Guild News

Pictures, yay! I think I seen this mob somewhere before.

BasakTest, Jul 18, 10 7:52 PM.
Well, we finally remembered a screenshot, but it is the same mob as the last screenshot, so, yeah.
Watch out Daiina! Kinase is comming for ya!

Scene: Skyfire.

BasakTest, Jul 11, 10 1:01 PM.
We forgot pictures, again. But we killed Talendor, and wiped on Ragefire .., How in the? Well, anyways, just because Ragefire is easier than Talendor doesn't mean it's impossible to fail the easier. =0

Talendor dropped some spells, which some people got. Cloak of Flames that went to our naked Beastlord Sebashi, Runed Bolster Belt that went to our not naked Beastlord Sebli, and some sack of sorts that went to the whore Basak.

We raided, we killed, we forgot the screenshots!

BasakTest, Jul 7, 10 8:40 PM.
We went up to visit an Iksar in a robe in Burning Woods, some dork told us to wait in some scorched part of the woods, was rather boring, about 20 minutes sitting there killing things that buzz. I hate things that buzz, especially while camping, but back on topic. All of a sudden, some huge fire elemental spawned, we all freaked out, Horoman cried, I saw it, forgot to take pictures though, sorry, just need to take my word for it. But we murdered the Fire Elemental, who happened to be named Ixiblat Fir, and some cleric named Cerlic ninja'd some scepter thingy, apparently the Iksar he was talking to told him to get it, whatever, what if I wanted it? What if someone else wanted it? Damned ninja looter! Some shawl also dropped, it went to a naked Beastlord, not so naked anymore, oh well. I am SO not going to write a thousand words, despite it I hear being equal to a picture, you all will just be more bored than you are reading this right now.

Oh yeah, we also killed things and found a Burning Embers, I'll find out what to do with it later.

Remnants of Norrath takes on it's first raid!

BasakTest, Jul 1, 10 7:36 AM.
Our first raid as Remnants of Norrath! Lodizal dies and leaves his mark in the snow.

Tzei smacking Falos for being a Halfling, always good fun.
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